A Poem for the Anxious Stigma

A Poem for the Anxious Stigma

I’m a problem Solver

A people Fixer

A love Elixer

All I want to do is fix Her. 


I can’t stand to see someone struggle or be in pain

And I want to help

But sometimes it’s in vain


But when someone truly gets it

When someone gets it

And their eye’s light up 

It’s like the stars come alive at night


And they won’t give up 


For this anxiety we all feel

For this mental illness

For this lack of awareness



And when Joy is something that your mind steals

We lack our passion

Compassion for one another

We lose our purpose


Which aggravates these feelings

That seems like they fill 

up to the ceiling


Of your Mind


Truly they do


The room

There’s nothing left for you


When you can start to understand


                                                                         Beat back


Those emotions, those feelings, those overwhelming thoughts. 


Your life can Bloom.

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