I Look Forward to Monday Because I Do This

I Look Forward to Monday Because I Do This

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Monday, it’s the bane of every working woman’s existence. Unfourtunately, there’s no way to make Sunday skip Monday and go to Tuesday. It’s best to make the most of it instead of letting it make you regret when Friday comes around. Here are a few things to practice to make Monday a great start for the rest of the week.

Let’s Start On Friday

1// A clean desk

People usually get pretty excited when Friday rolls around. Perhaps you take a short day on Friday or you have huge plans this weekend, but why can we not look at Monday in a similar light? 

I know it can be hard. When I was really consumed by my anxiety, Friday’s were perhaps my worst days. I knew Monday was right around the corner and that meant all the stress, uncompleted tasks, meetings, and responsibilities we coming too. If you think Winterfell dreaded winter, they had nothing on my Friday afternoons.

I learned to clean up my desk before I left for the evening on Friday so that an unorganized mess didn’t greet me on Monday. I would simply create a few piles of urgent to do, projects to finish, and bills to pay. Then I would make sure everything that had a home was in it’s place. 

Check out this adorable organization set to help you achieve a decluttered desk.

I still do this everyday at my current job. Perhaps it’s a little OCD, but anything to stop anxiety from cluttering my mind and ruining my weekend.

2// Plan for a productive week

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a world champ memory like Joshua Foer, so I don’t pretend like I do and I make sure to plan for Monday.

I hate when I come in after a adventurous weekend and forget the things I had intended to do on Monday morning. I use my digital planner to plan Monday (at least. If I can, I do the whole week). I remind myself of any appointments I have for the week and remind my guests about them, too. 

You can plan for the week anytime you would like, but I suggest Friday. If you plan on Sunday’s, you bring on the Monday blue’s before you finish out your weekend. You can also meal plan and make a grocery list for weekend shopping. 

Meal planning ensures you don’t spend too much money eating out, making your hard earned cash serve you well!

Now on to Monday, The New Funday

Stop living 

for the weekend – 

you’re throwing five days away.

Give your life the other 260 days of the year Back.

3// Make Monday night something to look forward to

My husband and I have unintentionally started going to half price sushi on Mondays. Then we go grocery shopping for the week. I make my meal plan and grocery list on Friday, but we shop on Monday night because we really love grocery shopping together. It’s like a date to start the week instead of ending the week. 

But you don’t have to plan to go out for dinner on Monday nights. You could:

  • Invite friends over for a home cooked meal on Monday night
  • Make it board game night. Have you played Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Join a Monday night class at your gym
  • Take your dog to the dog park if it’s nice out

The point is to make Monday night something to look forward to, something to treat yourself for making it through the first day of the week. But don’t stop there, fill the rest of your week days with exciting, relaxing, or new things to build lasting memories. 

4// Sleep

I’m not suggesting you sleep your weekend away, though I have certainly had my share of naps in the am, mid-day, and pm. 

What I am suggesting you do is get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, even on the weekend. Your mind will thank you. Really! Research has shown a correlation between the lack of deep, non – rapid eye movement sleep and increased activity in the “fight or flight” center of the brain. 

But don’t trust me trust the researchers at Berkley University, Matthew Walker and Eti Ben Simon.

Check out this article on sleep and chronic anxiousness.


“The more time you spend in deep non-REM sleep, the less anxious you are in the morning,” said Ben Simon in reporting her preliminary findings at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting this week in San Diego.

Plus, I know you’ve experienced a weekend hangover Monday morning from staying up too late Friday through Sunday. 

Why set your Monday up for failure by taking away the key factor in mental sharpness.


5// Take a lunch

When I was at my previous job and stressed to the max, I never took a lunch away from my desk: the source of most of my anxiety. I also neglected to eat breakfast and had coffee in the mornings. These are things we will address another time.

I often wouldn’t finish my lunch because I would get distracted with work or email, so I went hungry for the rest of the afternoon which set me up for failure. I’m sure you’ve noticed a mood change when you are hungry.

Beyond that, you never step away from work, email, phone calls, projects, thinking, typing…..Must I go on? You’re not allowing your mind to take the mental break it needs and this can promote feelings of anxiety.

  • Download a meditation app and try out Progressive Muscle Relaxation on your lunch break. It will teach you to be more body aware and relax tensed muscles.
Check out: Free Your Mind with Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • You can also read a favorite book or try any of the self help books in my resource section. 
  • Start a bullet journal and mention things you are grateful for.
  • Work on a passion project, like writing a novel, starting a blog, or adult coloring books. (Does anyone else think we should rename these to something that doesn’t sound so….adult-y? I just picture a dirty coloring book.)

Don’t let Monday Steal Your Joy


All we need to do to enjoy Monday is to change our perception of it. Stop viewing it as the beginning of a work week and the biggest obstacle blocking your way to the weekend, and start making it a day to look forward to. You’re life will blossom when you give it the other 260 days back. Fill your time with purposeful and exciting things and it will make life longer. 

I’d love to hear the amazing things you do on Monday

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